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What You Need to Know About Changing Your Personal Style

Typically, your personal style is something that you tend to develop over several years, experimenting with various looks, styles, and trends to discern what you like and what you don’t. It’s also something that tends to change as you change and grow, and it’s important that you allow your sense of personal style to develop with time.  

There could be several reasons for someone wanting to change their personal style, from age to changing body shapes, to different tastes and preferences, or even different personal boundaries about modesty. If you’re on the path to changing your style, here are some great tips from our modest clothing store in Utah to get you through:

Think about what you like and dislike about your current style

You won’t automatically know what your new sense of style is like if you’ve been used to your current one for a while. That’s why it’s necessary to think about it and focus a bit on where you currently are.

Think about the things you like about your current style, why they work for you or look good, and the things that you dislike and why they’re no longer serving you. Whether it’s the way you size your clothes, the silhouettes you pick out, or the general style, it helps to give it some thought.

Have an honest conversation about what you want your new style to look like and what it means for it to be uniquely you.

A woman wears a ribbed lavender t-shirt with jeans.

Decide which elements you want to incorporate into your new style

After thinking about your likes and dislikes, move on to thinking about the elements you definitely want to keep and the ones you definitely don’t. This is an important step in defining a new sense of style because it’s realistic, comfortable, and familiar, and there are bound to be certain boundaries you want.

For instance, if you enjoy color in your clothing, why would you say goodbye to all hues and shades in your new wardrobe? But if you’re moving away from loud, overwhelming prints, you can find a way around those in your new personal style. Having clear priorities will make it much easier.

A woman poses in a flowy maxi dress in a light blue shade.

Give away the clothes you no longer use or like and make space

A pro-tip that many people need to remember is that you shouldn’t hoard new clothes or old ones. Declutter and get rid of items that no longer work for you or serve you and say goodbye to the things you no longer need. From shoes to clothes, it’s important that you bid farewell to items that don’t align with the new you, and this blog on our cute modest clothing website is the perfect guide.

Shop slowly and try things on and see how they look and feel

This brings us to our next point: shop but do it slowly.

Shop for a few basic items such as modest tops and skirts for women in Utah, or some great maxi dresses, that you will definitely be wearing but go slow with the process. Think about different factors like your current body shape and style, and figure out what will work for you instead of focusing solely on what looks good on the website or catalog. Start with a few items that you love, try them on, and see how they look and feel.

Using that experience, continue to add more items that flatter you and match your upgraded style, or stay away from the things that aren’t really doing you any favors. You can even get different styles in the same item, for example, this plain modest dress for women vs. a printed version in a smocked bodice.

A pair of stylish hexagon earrings in gold and silver.

Don’t be afraid to experiment and try out different looks and outfits

Remember that you should never be afraid to experiment and try out various looks and outfits. Add simple but stylish accessories such as these earrings that you can’t go wrong with, or pair your favorite new top with different bottoms to see how they look together and whether you like the finished product. If something doesn’t look great at first, see what you can change in order to make it work!


We’re empowering women to transform their style and feel more confident in themselves through our modest clothing shop in Utah. We’ve got everything from denim jackets to casual and formal dresses, different styles of modest tops, and various kinds of bottoms that you can order today. Check out our cute modest clothing website to shop for some incredible items!




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