Black mock neck sweater.

Trendy Workwear Looks to Try Out this Winter

As the winter wind blows and we enter the coldest months of the year, it’s time to give your wardrobe a much-needed upgrade to knitwear and warm clothing. It’s that time of the year where you can layer up in style and style your chic winter wardrobe. Every layer will add to your style and every piece of clothing will give you the fashionable look you’re going for.

Whether you want to channel your inner Jessica Pearson from Suits or the new and improved Andrea Sachs from Devil Wears Prada, even the smallest details in your winter wear will make a world of difference. Ultimately, your outfit should work as a whole because when it comes to work wear and even the slightest slip-up can be a major faux pas at the workplace.

If you’re looking for trendy looks to try out this season, you’re in the right place! We have rounded up a list of must-haves that your wardrobe needs this year. All of these clothes will surely impress your coworkers and bring out the elegant boss lady in you.

Neutral Colored Tops

When dressing up for work, you can’t go wrong with neutral colored outfits. Think white, gray, and all the different shades of warm brown. You can get solid colored knitwear including cardigans and sweaters in neutral shades to wear at work. These tops can be paired with bright colored pants or skirts as well as other neutral colored bottoms.

The best part of choosing these tops is that they’re low-risk. These neutral shades always look good on women of all body shapes and types. Just remember to steer clear of prints and stick to solids and you’ll be all good!

Flared Cotton Pants

Whether you’re wearing a button-down or a loose cardigan, you can easily pair it all with flared cotton pants. These high-rise pants are perfect for tucking in shirts but their fitted in-seam makes them excellent for untucked tops as well. You can also wear a simple tucked-in top with these pants and pair it with a long, front-open cardigan.

The pants have a 29-inch flared bottom that work well closed toe shoes, pumps, boots, loafers, and even a pair of stilettos.


Are you looking for inspiration to update your workwear to prepare for the winter months? Here’s a rundown of trendy yet modest winter clothing should definitely get.

Jenny Cardigans

If you want a modest look for work, you can get a Jenny cardigan to wear with simple shirts. You can pair these shirts with pants as well as skirts, depending on what you prefer more. The Jenny cardigan will come all the way to your knees and opens up in the front. It will give the look of a long coat that’s perfect for winter work wear.

You can get Jenny cardigans in tan and burgundy colors as they both work well with neutral colored layers underneath. These cardigans also look excellent with boots and closed toe shoes.

Tan Jenny cardigan.

Classic Ribbed Sweaters

Nothing screams winter like ribbed sweaters today. The knitted fabric perfectly complements all body types. You can wear these sweaters tucked in or untucked, depending on your personal preference.

You can also choose bright colored ribbed sweaters or simply go for neutral ones and pair them with simple pants and skirts. The look will be complete with high-rise boots and an appropriate purse.

Knitted Mock Neck Top

A knitted mock neck top is also a trendy option for working women. These modest tops can be worn tucked in as an inner under the Jenny cardigan or on their own. Either way, these mock neck tops will always look chic at work and give the perfect winter vibes.

You can choose any color you like but if you go for a bright one, make sure to pair it with a neutral bottom and accessories. A muted look is perfect for the workplace and you should always try to keep it simple. This will show to the world that you take your work seriously and you never compromise on your style.

Black mock neck sweater.

Dressing up for work doesn’t mean you have to dress boring. In fact, you should always find ways to improve all these outfits with some basic accessories.

Always remember, minimalism is the way to go when it comes to accessorizing these trendy clothes. Some minimalistic gold or silver oval hoop earrings or a simple gold statement necklace is enough to make you look like you stepped right out of a fashion catalog. You can also pair these outfits with a brown cross-body bag that is the perfect addition to winter clothes.

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