The Ultimate Style Guide for the Modern, Modest Fashionista

The Ultimate Style Guide for the Modern, Modest Fashionista

Dressing modestly doesn't have to be boring, confining, or overwhelming for women. In fact, it's one of the most liberating experiences because it allows you to be comfortable in your skin and what you're wearing while also feeling confident and beautiful.

However, many women who prefer dressing on the more modest and conservative end of the spectrum, whether it's for religious purposes, personal preferences, a travel destination, or occasion, may struggle with this style.

That's why we're sharing some of our favorite tips and recommendations, including:

Choose silhouettes and cuts that flatter and conceal

The trick to modest dressing is all about finding balance. You're going to want silhouettes and cuts that give you both concealment while also giving you a flattering fit. Sounds counterintuitive and contradictory, we know, but think about it like this: you want to invest in pieces that flatter your body type without showing too much skin or being too figure-hugging. Cuts like peplums or flowy blouses made of lightweight, shifty materials, and wrap dresses that show off your waist but give you more comfort, are some of the many ways you can get the best of both.

A woman in a cute but modest midi summer dress.

Invest in tons of midi and maxi dresses that you'll wear

Midi and maxi dresses are a must-have staple for the modest wardrobe. They're the perfect investment to make because they're universally flattering and give you plenty of length and coverage to help you feel comfortable. You can find dozens of prints, styles, and cuts, from the boho-chic free-flowing style to dressier and more elegant options. You can style maxi and midi dresses in various ways as well, pairing them with leggings, and all kinds of footwear, including boots, sneakers, heels, scarves, and even t-shirts. It's one of the most versatile items in any modest wardrobe and looks amazing on all body types and sizes, so you can invest in some gorgeous modest dresses in Utah without a second thought!

Be sure to invest in skirts of varying lengths and styles

Since we're on the subject of skirts, you should be sure to invest in a few different skirt styles as well. You can get slip skirts, midi and maxi skirts, flowy printed skirts, or more form-fitted skirts that work as office wear and in formal settings as well. There's no limit to the options and variety that skirts give you, and they're so versatile you can style them in several ways. From t-shirts and sweatshirts to blouses and button-downs, and even dresses that you want to add some extra length too, skirts are the ultimate investment. Check out several options for beautifully designed modest skirts for women in Utah here, and place your orders today.

A woman in a cute but modest midi summer dress.

Don't be afraid to experiment with layering clothes

Layering is a strategic gamechanger for modest dressers. It allows you the freedom to experiment and change up any outfit to be more modest and aligned with your personal style, even if the original design isn't so. A simple item like a cape or a denim jacket can be the difference between a modestly styled outfit and something you're uncomfortable with. For instance, you can use jackets over tops and blouses that are more snug-fitting, strapless or halterneck dresses, and other alternatives. A denim jacket is also an easy way to dress up a basic t-shirt or tank top and jeans to look more upgraded and sophisticated.

A woman poses in a fancy, formal lace and net dress

Accessorize strategically to fit your modest dressing preferences

Don't forget to accessorize when you style modest looks! Accessories are an excellent choice for when you want to draw attention to or away from something. Items such as scarves can act as additional layering while also making simple dresses and tops more exciting, while jewelry can give you some added oomph too. Modest dressing does not in any way have to be boring or dull, and neither should you be afraid to spruce things up. It's a simple way to make your modest look dressier, more feminine, and also more personalized. You still get to be uniquely you while also being comfortable in what you're wearing because, let's be honest, every style fad and trend isn't always compatible with modest fashion, and that's okay! This way, you still maintain your individual style while enjoying more flexibility.

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