The Top Fall Fashion Tips for Women in their 40s

The Top Fall Fashion Tips for Women in their 40s

There are no rules or restrictions on what you can and should wear based on your age alone.

However, many women may struggle to dress up and feel like their most confident and beautiful selves as they get older, and their expectations, style preferences, and general taste evolve. In that, it can be tricky to stay in line with the latest trends in fall fashion while still looking modest, feeling comfortable, and being stylish.


The Top Fall Fashion Tips for Women in their 40s

We’re sharing a few tips that will prove to be game-changers for women in their 40s looking to try on some modest fall outfits this year:

Invest in a few staples for your wardrobe

The key to nailing fall fashion is to start with the basics. You need to build your wardrobe up at the foundation, and for that, you’ll need a few quintessential items and staple pieces. You’re going to need the right pair of jeans that hugs you right where you need it, gives you some nip-and-tuck action, and is neutral enough to wear with multiple tops and blouses. While ripped jeans are quite trendy, it may be wiser for women in their 40s to stay away from this style because it can be limiting―but if you love a good ripped jeans, pick out a stylish pair such as these.

Additionally, you’re going to need a few other staples, such as the classic plain white tee, and this round-neck option is perfect for when you want a basic, simple look or when you want to layer on a cozy sweater, jacket, or cardigan with it. Additionally, you will need other pieces, such as leggings, and button-downs that can be worn on a daily basis, to complete your set of staples.

Opt for flowy, figure-flattering silhouettes

A pro tip for women in their 40s to look classy, romantic, and elegant this fall is to opt for flowy but figure-flattering silhouettes. These styles tend to conceal and reveal simultaneously, which means that they’ll give you enough coverage to feel more modest and comfortable, yet look their best. The right cut and design will flatter your figure and bring into focus all the areas you want to show off, whether it’s your incredible legs or arms, or show off your waist. It’s all about balancing proportions when it comes to fashion, and we have to embrace our favorite and not-so-favorite features to create a great look.

You can choose flowy silhouettes for different types of clothing items including dresses such as this blue loose-fitting gown that has a belt at the waist to add structure and bring your figure in, or choose a flattering top such as this. There are several great options for modest fall outfits  available at Shop Korra.

A model poses in a style gray ruched dress and heels.

Stick to neutral colors for daily fall fashion

A tip to make day-to-day fashion choices easier for yourself is to  stick to neutral colors for your daily wardrobe. This will make it much easier to pick out different looks and fall outfits, whether it’s modest skirts and tops in Utah, or a modest dress for fall. This comes from the ever-growing idea of a capsule wardrobe, which aims to be functional, stylish, and long-lasting, which is precisely what we’re hoping to achieve.

As a woman in her 40s, you’re probably preoccupied with tons of tasks and errands each day, whether it’s going to work, picking up the kids from school, grocery shopping, or just hanging out with your gal pals for a mid-day catchup. Your wardrobe should be able to cope with all the challenges and busy-ness of your daily life while keeping you fall ready.

But don’t shy away from a pop of color or print

With that being said, however, you should be playing with some color and/or print too. You can brighten up your looks with a sbrighly colored sweater, or throw on bright pants with a modest top or vice versa, or get a dress in a stunning tone, and create a look that reflects your youthful, quirky, and fun side.

It’s a great way to change things up when you’re bored, and try out a look that’s different from your usual. We love this bright pink shacket that adds a splash of color to any look, and can be styled with neutral jeans and undershirts. It’s perfect for making a statement this season, and we can’t get enough of it.

An older, curvy woman wearing an oversized button-down poses for the camera.

Accessorize smartly to complete your look

Accessories can make or break your fall look. You don't want to look like you’re headed to a resort in the middle of fall--which is why you should choose things that complement your fall outfits. Scarves, jackets, warm hats, oversized sweaters, delicate jewelry, and the right shoes are some of the things you should be looking at.

Choose accessories that go well with your outfits, such as these minimalist gold and silver hoop earrings or this elegant gold statement necklace that is bound to make you look more sophisticated, and of course, the right purse. We can’t get enough of this brown cross-body number that is ideal for fall outfits, no matter what you’re wearing or how it’s styled.

You can embrace your inner diva no matter how young or old you may be. Embrace your most fashionable self with a little help from Shop Korra, one of the top stores for modest clothing in Utah. They have very trendy modest clothing,  including short but modest dresses, jackets and accessories, tops and blouses, and much more that every woman in her 40s needs to invest in.



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