A woman wears a smocked tiered dress with a hat.

Modest but Unique Outfits to Wear to Church on Sunday

Sunday church is the perfect time to relax, reconnect, and work on your spirituality and emotional connection to God, your community, and yourself. It’s also the perfect time to dress up and feel more confident and self-assured, dressing up in clothes that make you feel good.

We know that it can also be challenging to find outfits that are feminine, stylish, and simultaneously modest. This is why you can choose from our collection of modest outfits for women in Utah and find some great options for unique church looks:

A flirty, pink smocked dress with a hat

Nothing says you’re feminine, young, and still stylish like a mid-length smocked dress. We love this modest pink dress for women, which has been designed to offer a lot of room for comfort, giving you a fun, shifty silhouette. It’s a style that is flattering on all kinds of body types and allows you to move comfortably whether you’re participating in church activities or just sitting through sermons. A pro-tip for added comfort and coverage is to wear bike shorts or longer briefs that keep you comfortable.  

A woman wears a floral printed maxi dress with block heels

Beautiful, floral-printed maxi dresses

Maxi dresses are the perfect church outfit. They’re very stylish, incredibly flattering, and also modest. They give you a lot of coverage and are perfect for church activities and meetings, from Bible study to fundraisers. For more formal occasions, you can pair maxi dresses such as this stunning teal print dress with lavender flowers or this multi-colored, floral maxi with some elegant block heels and have a great look put together in no time.

Alternatively, you can wear your maxi with stilettos or even sandals on busy days when comfort is key. They’re flowy, breathable, and loose, so you’ll stay cool and comfortable all day long, no matter how many hours you spend at church. To make a complete look with your maxi dress, wear it with a cute sun hat or hair accessories, dainty necklaces, and a small bag. It’s a timeless and effortless look for your Sunday best.

Solid colored skirts with simple blouses

If you’re not a fan of dresses or want to try something unique out for church, you need to get your hands on a few skirts and some plain t-shirts or tops to pair with them. Let your skirt do the talking when you go to church!

We’ve got a selection of excellent modest skirts for young ladies and women in Utah, including different prints, styles, and cuts that you can pick out for yourself. The ease with longer skirts is that they’re perfect for modest wear and can easily be worn to church and religious occasions without much hassle. They can also be dressed up or down depending on the blouse you wear.

This means that you can wear skirts with more ornate blouses or fancier fabrics or simple t-shirts and still have them look put together and dressier than usual.

A woman wears a teal maxi dress with lavender flowers.

A stylish ruffled sweater with a printed skirt

Alternatively, you can turn it up a notch and make your look dressier, pairing a printed skirt with a stylish blouse. We love this pairing of a ruffled blouse or sweater with a figure-flattering cut with this rustic-chic printed skirt. This look works exceptionally well during the holidays or in colder months when you need added protection and comfort. You can alternate elements of this outfit with other sweaters, cardigans, and tops and make it more ornate with the right accessories. Nothing tops modest skirt outfits in Utah for a special occasion!

A woman wears a t-shirt and block heels for a simple outfit

Stylish blouses with accessories

Nothing beats a simple, well-designed modest blouse for women when you want a low-effort look for church. There are several options for modest blouses for women in Utah, including this delicate dotted top and this crew-neck ruffled shoulder top in a deep orange, among many more. You can pair them with your favorite pants or even darker-colored jeans for a more formal but comfortable look. And, of course, you definitely need some accessories to add a little pizzaz to your overall look and outfit, so get your favorite heels and some jewels, and you’re good to go!

There are several more ideas and options for different looks and outfits on our website, and pick out your favorites.

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