A woman with curtain bangs wears a soft floral maxi.

How to Pick Out a Look Based on Your Haircut

Your hair is one of your most defining features and can define your entire look. In fact, a haircut is actually a catalyst for change in your overall appearance and may be the first step in changing your look.

One of the best things you can do to upgrade and refresh your look is to revamp your wardrobe based on your new hairstyle. Here are some of the best outfit ideas to pair with some popular haircuts from this year:

Curtain bangs

Curtain bangs made a comeback in 2020, and the look is pretty much here to stay. It’s one of the most stylish haircuts that seems to get even more refined with time, and it’s extremely versatile when it comes to styling your look. Several outfits will look amazing with curtain bangs, including maxi dresses for a soft, feminine look, graphic tees for that edgier vibe, and modest blouses and skirts for women for a corporate-friendly outfit. Curtain bangs work whether you’re going to the office or on vacation, and the right outfit will make it all come together in the best way.

A woman with short hair and curls wears a t-shirt.

Wolf cuts  

Wolf cuts are another popular look many people opt for because they’re so much fun to style. The messy, sexy vibe works well with all kinds of outfits, but we recommend styling it in a more modern-grunge way. Think graphic tees, ripped jeans, and a stylish denim jacket for a laid-back look that goes seamlessly with your haircut. A wolf cut also looks great with casual dresses, especially more minimalist, contemporary styles like tunic dresses and coverall-style dresses. It’s a killer look!

Modern shags

Shags are much more face-framing than wolf cuts and can be quite bohemian, dreamy, and romantic, depending on your chosen style. You can get shorter shags or longer ones, pair them with bangs, or keep the front longer, but if there’s one thing that will always look amazing with a modern shag, it’s a dress. Play around with prints, silhouettes, and lengths, opting for more bohemian styles like maxis or tunic dresses or even short modest dresses that complement the free-spirited look of a shag. When you’re thinking of styling a look with your shag haircut, keep it simple, playful, and contemporary. There are several blouses, dresses, and t-shirts that will give you a fun look.

A woman with long, wavy hair wears a boho dress.

Tousled lobs

If it wasn’t already obvious, we’re all about the texture when it comes to hair, and why wouldn’t we be? Tousled lobs are a great look that is also very chic and looks amazing whether styled for that added volume and texture or straightened out for a sleeker look. The texture is in the cut itself, so styling it leads to some fun and versatile results that can be elevated with the right outfit. For instance, simple, modest tops for women, as well as skirts, can create an effortless yet stylish look in no time. Tousled lobs also look great with summery dresses in fun prints and styles for more casual settings like brunch with the girls or a relaxed date night.  

Contemporary layers

Layers are also back and better than ever, as contemporary styles have gotten more sophisticated. Instead of choppy, unblended layers, we’re seeing more elegant, wispy layers that add texture, volume, and length. Boho maxi dresses are the perfect choice for this look.

Nothing says elegance more than styles like this, as well as silhouettes that create a very ethereal, elegant appearance. Alternatively, you can also pull off a modern, sophisticated look with modest tops like this. 

A woman with straight, long hair wears a stylish blouse.

Sleek, stacked bobs

Stacked bobs are a timeless look for people of all ages and work especially well with modest clothes for women in Utah. You can style your stacked, sleek bob with a well-designed blouse with ruffles or detailing around the neck and sleeves since the bob will leave those areas more open for experimentation. Since the haircut is incredibly sophisticated, it also looks great with certain dresses especially wrap dresses that tend to show off the neck and collarbones without compromising on your comfort and modesty.

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