How to Make Sweatpants Chic

How to Make Sweatpants Chic

Sweatpants may have once been loungewear, but now they’re everywhere!

They’re no longer staples for the weekends and workouts; they’ve become the go-to for daily wear. Just google Hailey Bieber and Kylie Jenner, rocking it in the coziest sweatpants ever!

Is it a surprise? The pandemic simply eliminated the need to wiggle into uncomfy jeans and tight dresses. We all loved the comfort of snuggly clothes hugging us 24/7 and have been super reluctant about letting them go now that we’re back to roaming outside.

It turns out we don’t have to! We need to be fashionable about comfort wear and create cute outfits! Plus, they’re super easy to style — all you need are the right shoes, jackets, and accessories for women!

Let’s explore all the fabulous looks you can create from a pair of cozy sweatpants this fall.

Go Fit, Not Baggy

Though baggy is the ultimate sweatpant style, why don’t you kick things up a little? Dress up your look with a fit pair of sweats this fall. Plus, they’re easier to dress up — you need to find the fitting tee and shoes to go along with it!

Check out these go-to mocha acid-wash sweatpants that are cozy and fleecy. Pair them up with this spectacular black tee with cute daisies.

Add a Blazer or a Jacket to the Mix

This is one instant way to spruce your look! Just take your super chic sweatpants, pair them with a comfy sweatshirt, and complete the look by donning a blazer or jacket. Think a classic oversized pocket denim jacket, a casual blazer with a braided elastic belt, or a trench with a buckle vintage taupe-colored stretch belt.

Style Your Hair

Let your sweats be.

How about you stay in your comfy sweats, wear a pair of large oval drop earrings, and focus on styling your hair for a change? With stylish hair, your outfit will automatically look more interesting! So go for a bombshell blowout and let down your hair, to get that off duty model look.

High Heeled Affair

Ditch them comfy sneakers. Instead, if you’re really about the fashion game and wearing modern, modest clothing, turn to high heels. Pumps, wedges, and stilettoes will give your look an elevated appearance in a jiff!

Choose a stylish and modest top like this ruffle taupe-colored crew neck sweater and pair it with these elongated hexagon drop earrings.

a woman wearing a blue top

Go with Ankle Boots

Not a fan of heels? That’s okay; you can go even fancier by choosing ankle boots. Anything goes: Chelseas, clogs, wedges, lace-ups, bikers, oxfords, or whatever else you want! Add this handmade specialty link necklace to the look!

Go Monochrome

Is there anything as loud yet straightforward as a monochromatic look? Keep it casual yet super chic by choosing pieces that step up your monochrome palette. Opt for an all black or gray look, and style it by adding accent jewelry pieces.

a woman wearing a daisy sweater

Add a Glam Accessory

Stay simple and classic but remember to add one glam accessory for an edge. This could be sweatpants with a comfy cross-shoulder bag like The Willow by Shop Korra or this vegan sling bag.

Try a Different Fabric

Cotton sweatpants are a go-to, but if you want to mix things up a little, you should choose a different fabric choice, like velvet sweatpants or faux silk ones!

Turn Them Into a Jeans Alternative

Rather than going with your favorite pair of jeans, you can go with sweatpants and wear them with a cool button-down top like this striped ruffle color button-down or this swiss dot knit top.

Add Some Jewelry

Want your outfit to look fancier? Wear jewelry! Go with layered necklaces like this multi-layer charm drop necklace or this multi-layer pendant necklace, and add a few stackable bracelets to get the look.

Brighten It Up

Though monochrome is a dependable look, it’s not attention-grabbing. You’ll have to choose brighter sweatpants and pair them with a colorful top or sweater, something that pops—like yellows, oranges, greens, and neon shades.

Layer Up the Sweats

Carefully layering up your sweatpants can create a very dazzling outfit. You can pair a button-down shirt like this ribbed knit button-down or a button-down under a comfy sweater. Think Baevely daisy print button-up in terracotta shade or this ribbed cardigan in cream color.

Oversized Vest

You know what you can do to hide the fact that you’re wearing sweats? You can match them with an oversized vest (neutral’s the way to go) and add simple loafers and a cool top to pull the look together.

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