A girl standing and wearing a white and gray checkered dress.

How to Dress Up for Summertime Date Nights

Whether you’re planning to meet them for the first time or it’s your umpteenth rendezvous, planning a stunning and elevated look is inundating and often requires a lot of brainstorming. It’s not easy to find something that honors your personal style, empowers you, and also makes you feel amazing all at the same time.

Date nights are already nerve-wracking enough, but deciding on an outfit that isn’t just eye-catching but also makes you feel confident further adds to all the anxiety.

While it all might feel very overwhelming, we are here to help you plan a look that is intimate and glamorous and will help your inner self shine.

From unique denim skirts with leg-baring slits to shirred satin tops, here are some of our favorite dress ensembles that are perfect for a summer date night.

The Little Black Dress

A girl standing and wearing a black dress.

What better way to make a statement than donning on a stunning little black dress to match the inky night sky?

There’s nothing as chic as timeless black dresses; they come in various shapes and forms. From lightweight floaty skirts to long hemlines and loose silhouettes, black is perfect for a romantic evening alone with your significant other and will look effortlessly sexy.

If you think your black dress looks boring, transform it from mundane to exhilarating by pairing it with gold jewelry.

Gold layered necklaces, sparkling diamond pendants, large hoop earrings, and bolo bracelets will look creative and classic.

If you’re up for a quainter look, we recommend putting on a ‘90s-style choker necklace with an enamel-accented design, raffia sandals, and leather-trimmed straw bags for the ultimate avant-garde look.

Edgy and Flawless in Polished Shirts

If you’re feeling a bit nervous about your first date together, it’s best to dress up in a casual look that will help you feel more easy and comfortable. Dressing comfortably will also show the other person that you are fun and ready for a good time without seeming tense.

Pair dark jeans with one of your favorite polished shirts, like a cotton top with ruffle sleeves in neutral tones or a cream-colored smocked sleeve blouse. We recommend wearing statement necklaces with beads and wooden charms or gold-plated brass earrings for accessorizing.

Leather wedge sandals or platform shoes in black would give you an added touch of sophistication and modernity.

An Eclectic Biker Chic with Graphic Tees

A girl in a graphic t-shirt and short shorts.

While summer dates are the best time for a fleeting romance, no date night is complete without the perfect outfit that showcases your style and taste.

The biker girl chic look perfectly captures the effortless ethos of summer and will help you look radiant and extraordinary. For a reimagined biker girl look, opt for a graphic T-shirt, a knee-length denim skirt, and faux-leather boots in fun colors to add some kick to your outfit.

Pair your outfit with some well-crafted baubles like a zodiac pendant, delicate rose gold tennis bracelets with a hint of glittering tinsel, and the chunky modern iteration of hoop earrings for a scintillating touch to your roughed-up look.

Impressionist-Era Florals in Muted Pastels

A girl wearing a flowy floral dress and brown heels.

Dainty, sweet, and demure—floral dresses define the summer season and are a perfect look for dining al fresco or sharing a glass of wine under a starry sky. The key to perfecting a floral look is finding a dress in muted pastel hues that has volume and ruffles and exudes nothing but sweetness.

Take things in an ultra-feminine direction by opting for a floral dress with a corseted bodice or a sweetheart neckline, lace, and frilled accents. Pair your romantic dress with silver earrings, a textured choker, and beige heels.

Bringing Back the Boho Look!

Fringed moccasin boots, a tiered maxi skirt, and a neutral-hued tank top, the boho fashion is all about embellished belts, fringes, and a laid-back look.

The boho revival is a highly polished look, perfect for a date night, and requires little to no effort to look pulled together and comfortable.

To acquire this style, we recommend a soft floral ruffle skirt with bold hues, a nude-colored macramé top, Perspex heel mules, and a tropical vintage bag. For accessories, try dangly earrings embellished with sea shells, earthy rattan, and wood, signet rings, and artful statement bracelets.

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