A woman wears a printed skirt with a ruffled black top.

Girl Boss Looks for the Working Woman

In the world of business and success, your presentation makes a huge difference. Not only does it impact the impression you give off to other people, but it also affects your own sense of confidence.

It’s important to put your best foot forward each time you’re at work, whether you’re a business owner or work for another organization. You deserve to feel confident, enjoy yourself, and look great, which is why we’re sharing recommendations for some amazing outfit ideas for the ultimate boss babe:

A classic solid top with a printed skirt

Veery few outfits come close to the class and simplicity of a solid colored top and printed skirt. There are various types of skirts that you can pick out, from flared cuts to more form-fitted silhouettes, and the easiest way to style them is with a solid top. In case your skirt is solid or plain, you can spice things up with the top, but overall, it’s a foolproof look to try for work. Skirts are a quintessential item in formal wardrobes and definitely worth investing in for yourself. Take a look at these options and order yourself a gorgeous modest women’s skirt in Utah today!

A model poses in a modest blouse with a pair of jeans

Modest blouses with subtle detailing

Every working woman needs a collection of modest tops and blouses that they can wear to work. But modest, work-friendly blouses shouldn’t be boring or unwearable outside those settings. Shop Korra has some beautifully designed, well-fitting blouses that can be worn with jeans,  pants, skirts, and even leggings, giving you a uniquely feminine look whether you’re delivering a pitch or presentation, or heading to a meeting with an investor. Our blouses and tops are designed to give you coverage and comfort yet help you feel confident no matter what you’re wearing or doing. This berry-hued top is a favorite pick, but so is this delicate dotted top with a flowy-fitting silhouette.

When styling a top for work, however, remember that less is more and subtle detailing is your best bet. Play with textures like knitwear, colors, subtle prints, and different fabrics for your look, but avoid excess embellishments like rhinestones, sparkles, and other details that are too over-the-top.

Printed or plain modest maxi dresses

Dresses are another must-have workwear essential that all working women need. However, not everyone is comfortable in tight-fitting, skin-revealing dresses, and other variations look too bohemian or casual.

This is where the ever-chic modest maxi dress for women comes in. You can opt for simpler cuts, designs, and colors, such as this gorgeous, solid black maxi dress or this fun, flirty, yet work-friendly printed option. It helps to invest in a few staple maxi dresses because they’re so versatile, and you can create new looks each time you wear them. For instance, you can dress your look up with some high-heels or formal ankle-length boots or add on a blazer to take it up a notch.

A model poses in a modest blouse with a pair of jeans

Fun jumpsuits with different accessories

Jumpsuits symbolize power, finesse, and sexiness, both in real life and in the corporate world. But that doesn’t mean they have to be all that intimidating--or even boring. Instead, you can get a denim jumpsuit since it’s a closet item that you can wear and re-wear multiple times, both to and outside of work. If your place of work, whether it’s an office or a studio, isn’t too strict about dress codes, you can easily wear this fun denim jumpsuit with a pair of sneakers or make it more formal with a blazer or jacket and some heels.

To dress up your jumpsuit, add accessories like necklaces, bracelets, and bangles, and you’ll instantly be ready for a lunch meeting or a dressier day at work. Get your hands on this super cool jumpsuit here.

Knitwork or textured tops with pants or jeans

A woman in a black maxi dress, boots, and a matching hat.

Dark-colored jeans and a simple cardigan

Every woman in the world needs a pair of dark-colored jeans that flatter her figure. If you don’t own a pair, you’re missing out, and you definitely need to get your hands on one--or two. We love these charcoal gray ripped jeans and these stunning dark blue ones that you can definitely pull off jeans in a workwear setting. When buying jeans, make sure the style and fit flatter your body type to avoid having them look uncomfortable or loose, and make sure that you’re pairing them with the right blouse or top to avoid looking too casual.

That’s why we recommend that you wear jeans with either a dressier modest blouse for women or a simple but stylish cardigan and some accessories. A cardigan is a timeless and effortless wardrobe piece that every working woman should own; it’s versatile and works for many seasons, can be styled with multiple outfits, and makes a pair of jeans look more put-together.

A model in a stylish denim jumpsuit that is perfect for work

Don’t miss out on accessories and add-ons

Lastly, no matter what you’re wearing, no workday look is complete without accessories. Every boss babe needs to feel like she’s sexy, feminine, powerful, and confident, and the right accessories go a long way in helping you achieve that. A classic braided belt to cinch and bring in your waist, a statement link-chain necklace that pops, and a stack of bracelets are sometimes all you’ll need to make your entire look feel complete.


You can get everything you need through our modest clothing shop in Utah as we bring you a wide range of well-designed, unique, and stylish pieces that you can order for your work wardrobe. We have excellent, well-designed trendy, modest clothing, including dresses, blouses, tops, and more. We’re also offering free shipping on all orders over $100.

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