A woman poses in an orange blouse and gray-blue pants.

Fun Ways to Add More Color and Make Your Outfits Vibrant

Many women struggle with adding more color to their day-to-day wardrobes for various reasons. Not only do they feel conscious about how it’s going to look, but they also struggle with the styling aspect of it and aren’t sure how to make colors work together.

But you no longer need to worry because we’ve got some killer tips and recommendations for you to make styling with color so much easier and more convenient. Check them out and use our favorite modest clothing for women in Utah to put together killer looks:

Add colorful prints in slightly muted tones

Bring together your love of prints and color in the most sophisticated way with this tip. We recommend choosing colorful prints in muted hues, such as this beautiful lavender patterned dress. This allows you to wear multiple colors and prints simultaneously without having to worry about it looking flashy or overwhelming, and you can always tone it down further with some neutral pumps or heels. It’s a great option when you’re trying to add more color but play it safe.

Another alternative is to choose prints that are bright but not bold or come in deeper tones. This way, you get to enjoy some color without the double whammy or a print that is also loud.

A woman wears a multi-colored maxi dress and neutral shoes.

Try solid-colored dresses or tops for a pop

Another great way to add color to your wardrobe is to choose a simple, solid-colored dress or top for a pop of color. Solid colors look sophisticated and classy and make for an easy-to-style look that you can wear in any way you want. For example, a solid maxi dress looks great with a neutral-colored bag and shoes, some dainty accessories, or a few statement pieces, while a solid-colored blouse can be paired with jeans, pants, printed skirts, or really anything you want. It’s all about how you want to put your look together and style it.

The key is to make sure the solid-colored clothing item you wear is the center and focus of your look; everything else simply complements it and brings it together for a touch of class. Let your trendy, modest clothing do all the talking.

Pair bright colors with muted or deeper ones

This is similar to the first tip we shared but essentially uses color-blocking as a styling technique. If you’re looking to pair different colors together without it being distracting or over-the-top and still looking sophisticated for work, errands, brunches, or really any occasion, you can do so while pairing bright tops with muted or deeper colored bottoms, or vice versa. This doesn’t mean that you have to stick to boring neutrals, just complementary ones. For instance, a rust or orange top with deep blue or gray pants, or a red top with dark green pants, and so on. This may involve some trial and error to find what you like, but it’s a failsafe strategy.


A woman wears a solid-colored tiered maxi dress.

Wear a bold lip color with a printed graphic tee

One of the simplest styling tips to add more color to your look is through your makeup. If you’re wearing a printed graphic tee with cute images and text on it, you can make the look feel chicer, even if it’s a casual outfit. A pop of bright red or orange on the lips or a deep pink or mauve can instantly make you look more dressed up and sophisticated, giving you some extra oomph. Makeup, especially your lipstick, is a pretty easy technique to spruce up a simple t-shirt and jeans look, so get your favorite red and swipe it on.

A woman wears a mint green shirt with hints of color in it.

Go for a monochrome look with your outfit

Want something super classy, contemporary, and sexy? Monochrome is the look.

However, we’re redefining monochrome and making it sexier, more playful, and more fun. All you have to do is dress in the same color from top to bottom; your dress or blouse, pants, shoes, and accessories should all match. They can be in different variations or shades of the same color, which adds more depth and funk to the look. However, this may not be an everyday look for most people.

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