What Style of Jeans is Right for Me?

What Style of Jeans is Right for Me?

Finding the right pair of jeans takes practice. There are many variables in play: from their rise, cut, and hems to treatments, washes, and fabrics.

But your body shape and personal style matter the most.

  • Is your body pear-shaped? It would help if you flared pants to balance your lower half.
  • Do you have a rectangular figure? Donning straight-leg jeans is the perfect way to flaunt your body.
  • Are you into Y2K? Then, you may need to check out the low-rise trend.

Find answers to those questions because jeans are a staple going nowhere.

This is why you should be ready to learn about different cuts and rises and how you can style and slay them.

There’s much to choose from —vintage to trendy; there’s no one answer. Mix and match it up for the perfect staple jeans for your wardrobe.

a woman wearing a blue tank top and blue jeans

Low-rise Jeans

That’s the thing about fashion; it makes its way back after some time! This is precisely what has happened with low-rise jeans with the Y2K resurfacing.

Who can effortlessly pull off this hip-hugging style? Low-rise jeans create an incredible illusion of a lower waistline. They’re also perfect for people ready to show off their abs while wearing a crop top. Pair them with comfy sneakers, and you’ve got a casual look!

Mid-Rise Jeans

These are the comfiest, most figure-friendly jeans ever! Anyone can wear these without a worry — they’re the staple you need in your wardrobe. They accommodate different body types and work well with tops of any length. Pair them with chunky slides, wedges, or heels for a super chic look and to make your legs look longer.

High-Rise Jeans

The all-time favorite high-waisted jeans are the go-to style for most of us! They may not be super high, but they work well by creating an illusion of long legs and a flatter tummy! Fitted at the waist and hips, a high-rise is a go-to choice to accentuate your curves (especially if you have a pear-shaped or an hourglass body).

If you fall into those categories, you’ll probably love these comfy jeans on Shop Korra:

  • Superflare
  • Super high-rise straight crop
  • Super high-rise slim crop
  • High-rise, clean-cut cropped skinny

Straight-Leg Jeans

If skinny jeans are not for you, you need to start looking at straight-leg jeans. They’re way comfier and more laid-back! Plus, they’re perfect for an hourglass, pear-shaped woman or those that carry that classic rectangular figure. Check out these vervet high-rise straight jeans in black to get legs for days.

Boyfriend Jeans

Clothes borrowed from boys are just better and more relaxing! Boyfriend jeans are the ultimate example of this! They carry a relaxed fit that adds the right bulk to your lower body. This makes boyfriend jeans perfect for people with long legs or an inverted triangle-shaped body. That’s not all, however. If you’re going for that ‘90s look, these jeans are IT. Have a look at this perfect KanCan High Rise pair!


a woman wearing a blue tank top and blue jeans

Bootcut Jeans

Sibling to wide-leg jeans, boot cuts are fit at the waist till the thighs and loose from the knee. This jeans style can be paired very well with low-heeled boots (hence the name!). With these jeans, women with hourglass, pear, and apple-shaped bodies can balance their total figures in a very chic, snug way.

Flared Jeans

Flares are timeless! They became a trend in the ‘70s and are still very much in. These bell-bottomed masterpieces are great at balancing out the hips and thighs (perfect for pear and hourglass shapes). They’re also ideal for shorter and petite women (but don’t choose a flare that’s wider than your hips. We recommend these gorgeous vervet 90’s vintage flare jeans.

Wide-Leg Jeans

Wide-leg jeans are perfect if you have a triangle or rectangular body shape. They have a great cut that adds the right amount of oomph to your look. You can also go with a cropped high-rise pair to create an illusion of height.

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