A woman wears a studded jacket with a black t-shirt and black jeans.

Creative Ways to Style the Quintessential Denim Jacket

Not only is this must-have wardrobe item perfect for all seasons, be it spring or fall, but it’s also easy to style and looks amazing when paired with all types of clothes and looks.

If you’ve been sleeping on the ultimate denim jacket and looking for great ways to style your favorite jacket, here are some ideas you can try for yourself:

Wear your denim jacket over a black tee and jeans

The easiest look you can create using a denim jacket is pairing your denim jacket with a black tank top or t-shirt and matching black jeans. This may seem basic and boring, but it’s actually a super effective way to use some contrasting neutral colors and create a seamless look with them. It’s a low-effort look that is also very chic and can be made even sexier with some fun earrings like these and a stack of bracelets like this. Black tank tops and t-shirts are the most basic wardrobe item and can be enhanced significantly with your favorite denim jacket.

A woman smiles in a white t-shirt and studded denim jacket.

Get an oversized denim jacket to wear with a white tank top

The key to getting a fun look out of your denim jacket is to size up and get a larger size. When you get a denim jacket, the best thing you can do is to wear it with a white t-shirt or tank top since it will pop with the blue. White is always a classic and will pop, plus, it’s easy to style and looks great when dressed up and dressed down. A simple way to make your look come together is by adding some stylish accessories such as jewelry, hats, scarves, and more, that help you look more sophisticated.

A woman smiles in a white t-shirt and studded denim jacket.

Invest in the timeless and very flattering cropped denim jacket

Another alternative to your oversized jacket is to get a cropped denim jacket. The reason why cropped denim jackets work so well is that they hit you at the waist and snatch that area in to create a more defined waistline. They work exceptionally well with high-waisted jeans, short t-shirts, and all types of other clothes, giving you that totally sexy, boho-chic look without compromising on your modesty. It’s like the best of both worlds with cropped denim jackets!

This one is a particular favorite at our modest clothing shop in Utah, and it’s so versatile you can wear it in tons of different ways, getting the most wear and use out of it!

Pair your favorite denim jacket with a printed maxi dress

Didn’t think you could wear a jacket with a dress? Think again! Denim jackets go extremely well with printed and plain dresses, solid colored skirts, and all kinds of different outfits, which is why they’re a definite must-have.

Whether you need to layer up during chilly fall weather or you want to make your dress a tad more modest, denim jackets look super trendy, chic, and flattering with dresses. Many maxi dresses, in particular, can be too flowy and take away from your body shape, which is why cropped jackets can accentuate your waist a tad more. Another common struggle with maxis is that they may have the same print all over them, which is why denim jackets are excellent for breaking that pattern and creating a more diffused look.

A woman wears a black denim jacket, crop top, and jeans.

Drape an oversized denim jacket with a crop top and jeans

If the aforementioned ideas weren’t enough fun ways to use your denim jacket, here’s one last suggestion: get a significantly larger size and pair it with your favorite crop top and jeans. A lot of women want the style of crop tops without having to bare their midriffs or show too much skin, and oversized denim jackets are perfect for striking that balance. You can easily get a jacket such as this super cool Rock & Roll jacket and make it work for you. You can use it as a drape or as a coverup while you wear crop tops and tank tops or shirts that are a little on the revealing side and make them instantly more modest yet hip.

You can get your hands on some killer denim jackets through our modest clothing shop in Utah, which has everything you could want and more. We’ve got denim jackets, stunning dresses, and all kinds of different tops and bottoms that you can order today through our cute modest clothing website.


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