Clever Ways to Layer Your Dresses This Fall Season

Clever Ways to Layer Your Dresses This Fall Season

It’s the season of coziness and festivities!

You’re probably wondering which wardrobe staples you’ll need to throw together a perfect, fashionable, trendy fall outfit.

More importantly, how will you keep yourself as toasty as possible without compromising on your fashiongame? Well, there’s only one secret to it: layers, lots and lots of warm, cuddly, soft layers.

Don’t worry; you won’t look like a couch potato! With the proper layering techniques, you’ll get that chic, cute, and flattering lookto keep you cozy and stylish.

Understanding The Art of Layering

Before you start stacking up sweaters, coats, and jackets, you need to ensure they’ll provide you with a functional and fashionable look.

There’s a simple formula you’ll have to follow for the perfect layering: base layer + central layer + outer layer.

The base layer will be a form-fitting item that tucks in your body heat. This could be a t-shirt or a long-sleeved top.

The central layer will be a thicker clothing item, while the outer layer will have a heavier touch, like a chunky cardigan or a denim jacket.

Lastly, you can tie the look together by adding the right accessories.

Remember to experiment with different fabrics, colors, textures, and lengths when putting your modest fall outfit together! Mixing and matching different clothes is how you spend the season looking chic as always!

Turtlenecks All the Way!

Want to stay warm while looking incredibly fashionable? Opt for a turtleneck! Choose wintery shades like burnt sienna, raw red, olive green, violet, indigo, and brown. Pair it with your favorite denim jacket like this large pocket denim jacket.

Become a Monochrome Queen

Layer on your monochromes, queen! A classic monochromatic look can never go wrong, especially in colder months. It’ll make you look super chic while giving your body length and added warmth.

If you want a cozy black top, check out this Hayden ribbed ruffle neck top available at Shop Korra. Style it with a large black blazer or trench and a pair of black boots!

a woman wearing a purple sweater

Give Overalls a Try

Overalls are fun to layer and wear! Have a look at Olivia’s overall jumpsuit in coral and olive — perfect fall wear, aren’t they? Just wear your favorite chunky sweater under it and a cozy cardigan on top for the perfect layering.


Try Different Lengths

Don’t just put on layers upon layers; it’ll make you look bulky and ruin your style. Instead, experiment with different lengths and thicknesses. Start with a simple, lightweight tee or a button-down, layer it with a chunky sweater, and top it with a coat!

Go Casual

Do you love loungewear? Well, so do we! You can go as cozy as you want by wearing these go-to sweatpants and layering them up with a chic coat! Oh, and don some sneakers to complete the look!

Try New Patterns

Step out of your comfort zone and try patterned dresses and shirts. Look at this perfect ginger-smocked floral dress and this block plaid button-down. Style them up with a cozy cardigan, flats, and a pair of sunglasses!

Wear a Cardigan

When it starts getting breezy and chilly, you should choose a cute cardigan like this popcorn sweater in black and this baevely daisy print button-up cardigan. For a complete look, pair them with jeans and cute boots!

Choose Button-Downs

There’s no going wrong with classic button-down tops. Style your shirt under a cozy sweater or vest and get an elegant, polished look perfect for work or even for lazy evenings. To add an extra lengthening effect, go with a long thick coat on top.

Add Some Color

Don’t make your outfits match all the time! Instead, choose bolder shades. You can choose neutral shades for most layers and just add one burst of color somewhere! Perhaps a pair of black jeans, a black blazer, a black trench, and a purple stole?

Wear Your Graphic Tees

Have favorite graphic tees you don’t want to put away in winter? Choose a warm shirt to wear underneath, perhaps a vest, and then wear your tee on top to show it off!

a woman wearing a purple sweater

Try Different Fabrics

The best thing about fall and winter is that you can experiment with different fabrics. So, you can wear a shoulder ruffle crew neck and pair it up with a faux leather jacket, a sexy and bright knit scarf, and chunky boots!

Make the Most of Dresses

Dresses aren’t just a summer thing. Take them out, throw on a chunky knit sweater, wear a pair of sneakers, and voila! You’ve got a classic autumn look!

Wear Tights or Leggings

If you want your legs to remain warm, choose tights and leggings. They’ll allow you to wear your favorite dresses and skirts and help you beat the cold.

Add a Blazer to the Mix

Autumn and blazers are just a match. Blazers go with just about anything (especiallytrendy fall outfits). You can wear a warm turtleneck underneath, add a blazer on top, and go with your favorite boots for a very professional look.

Wear Oversized Pieces

You should opt for oversized pieces when you want ultimate comfort and coziness. To make a style statement, wear form-fitting clothes underneath and add oversized layers on top. You’ll look fashionable and feel completely warm!

A Sweater Dress

Use sweaters in as many creative ways as you can! Throw on a long coat or a trench on top, wear tights underneath, and pair together heels or boots. Want to keep it casual? Swap the heels with sneakers.


And there’s nothing that will pull your look together better than the right accessories. Add silky scarves, hats, crossbody bags,handmade necklaces, and earrings to the mix!

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