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Choosing Outfits to Flatter Your Body Type: Must-Know Tips

It can be difficult to understand how fashion works. While there are no set rules when it comes to your personal fashion and style, there are also sometimes too many general rules and tips to keep up with in the world of fashion.

One of the most confusing and overwhelming aspects of dressing up and figuring out the best fashion choices for you is how to dress for your body type. These tips and recommendations are some of the simplest and easiest ways to help dress according to your body type and shape:

Start off by determining your body type

This is an important first step in deciding how to dress for your body because it will determine what you should do. There are different ways of measuring and determining your body type, including basing them on your measurements and comparing the bust to waist to hip ratio. You can use calculators such as these to help you determine your body shape, and while there are several options, we’ll help you dress better for more common types.

A woman wears a feminine yellow knee-length dress with a low waist.

Dressing for a pear-shaped body

Pear-shaped bodies have rounder, fuller hips, and lower bodies, with a slimmer waist and bust. The shoulders are generally slimmer than the hips, which are also rounder. Dressing for this body type can be a little tricky because you’d want to show off the waist you have while also enjoying the curves God gave you. Figure flattering tops and blouses that end at the waist are an excellent choice and can be paired with pants, bell bottoms, flowy skirts, and jeans. It’s a great way to flatter your body shape, giving you definition in all the right places. Tops like these can balance your narrow shoulders with your wider hips and give your body a more balanced silhouette, while other shirts like these show off your narrow upper body and your gorgeous, rounded hips.  

How to dress for apple-shaped bodies

Apple body shapes tend to be on the curvier side, with a top-heavy shape. Apple shapes have less defined waists and a fuller bust, with a slimmer lower body and hips. This body shape is best dressed in slimming skirts and flowier tops. You can also choose shirts that have a straighter cut and bring more balance to your chest and waist. Wrap dresses and slim-cut skirts are your best friend, giving you enough definition and a flattering shape while also giving you enough flow and shift in silhouettes.

A woman in a flattering black top and jeans.

Tips on dressing the hourglass body

Hourglass figures are one of the most highly sought-after body shapes because it gives you the best of everything. These body types have curves in all the right places, as well as a cinched waist with nearly all types of clothes flattering them. Whether you wear a regular fit t-shirt, a flowy blouse, a maxi dress, or even a shorter option will work. This body shape is one of the most well-balanced in terms of curves, so you can pull off all types of cuts and styles. However, avoid wearing clothes that are too form-fitting or too loose, lest you end up looking awkward. If you wear a slimmer top, pair it with looser bottoms and vice versa.

A woman in a flattering white blouse and high-waisted skirt stands outside.

Choosing flattering looks for rectangle bodies

Rectangle body shapes are generally straight and flat, with fewer curves and longer, leaner limbs. It’s what we’ve known as the model body type for a while, and it gives you a ton of flexibility on how to dress. Flowy maxi dresses, wrap dresses, flowy A-line tops, and other cuts and styles are your best bet since they add more movement and shape and hit you in the right places. You can do also pull-off flappers, tunic dresses, and other styles that are looser and more straight fitting because the more streamlined silhouette allows you to pull off really any cut and design. Get your hands on styles such as this stunning tunic dress or this flowy but boxy cut for the summer.

Even though these tips are intended to make your fashion choices and dressing habits a tad easier, there are no rules to fashion. You can still wear whatever you like and want, as long as it makes you happy, comfortable, and confident. Shop for affordable modest clothing in Utah through our store, as we bring you an incredible selection of beautiful designs, styles, and options. Find modest skirt outfits in Utah, modest dresses for women, and much more.

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